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Star System - Sanofi

Where are STARsystemTM products available?

  • The BGStarTM Blood Glucose Monitoring Device is available in selected pharmacies.
  • The iBGStarTM Blood Glucose Monitoring Device can be purchased on this website and in selected pharmacies.
  • The iBGStarTM Diabetes Management App is available free on the Apple App Store
  • Both BGStarTM and iBGStarTM use the same test strips available in pharmacies.
  • The BGStarTM Diabetes Management Software will soon be available for purchase on this site.
  • And STARsystemTM is right here on this website!

What is the Diabetes Manager App and what does it do?

The iBGStar TM Diabetes Manager App is a state-of-the-art digital management tool accessed from your Apple iPhone® or iPod touch® featuring:
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Automated download of meter results
  • Interactive Diabetes Management Reports featuring log books, trend charts, statistical analyses and more

Where is the serial number located on my meter?

You’ll find it on the back of your device. It’s a code that is 14 characters long.

Is there a short video I could watch that explains how to use my iBGStarTM ?

Absolutely! Just click on the appropriate link below to learn more about your meter and how to use it.

iBGStarTM video

Can I use the iBGStarTM without connecting it to an iPhone® or iPod touch®?

Yes. The iBGStar TM also works as a stand-alone meter, and when synced with your Apple iOS 3.0 device or higher, will also display the date and time. The meter can store up to 300 readings.

What is Dynamic Electrochemistry®?

Dynamic electrochemistry® is an innovative measurement system used in both the BGStarTM and the iBGStarTM. It operates on the basis of a variable voltage and variable measuring time, which identifies certain interfering signals (e.g. due to hematocrit or temperature fluctuations) and corrects them with the help of innovative signal processing algorithms, in order to achieve a very high level of accuracy

For more information click here to see the video

Is there a short video I could watch that explains how to use my BGStarTM ?

Absolutely! Just click on the appropriate link below to learn more about your meter and how to use it.

BGStarTM video

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Last updated: February 18, 2016

As of January 1, 2015, STARsystem® will begin a transition to an open, public site, allowing more people to access information on diabetes. For privacy purposes, personal health assessment and health coaching services will be removed from the site.

For more information, please contact the Sanofi customer service at 1-888-852-6887


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